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Dr Titus Kehinde Olaniyi, Principal of P-ACC

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Power-Age Christian College (P-ACC). Our primary aim is to make good and quality education of international standard accessible to our wider population in a sustainable manner. We are situated in the heart of London; one of the world’s greatest cosmopolitan cities which make it accessible to leading business, commerce, industry and the likes.

Our courses are provided in a highly supportive environment that positions our students towards future employability. We pride ourselves in contributing positively to our global village by the adoption of inclusive strategy to disadvantaged individuals that fall short of the existing requirements in traditional academic settings. Our pedagogy is in tune with the needs of present generations without compromising the needs of the future. Our students are provided with the most technologically grounded state-of-art study materials and guided by highly skilled professionals with long-standing industry and academic expertise.

Research lies at the heart of our provisions. We encourage our students to challenge the frontiers of knowledge in their pursuit for understanding in ground breaking research. We are in partnership with internationally-renowned leading academic communities and our on-going research cuts across the breadth of our Faculties. We conduct our research within a stimulating and thought provoking atmosphere where excellence and positive learning experience is the norm.

We are a listening college full of rigour and up-to-date in academic quality of our provisions. P-ACC operates in a unique and friendly atmosphere required in modern academic environs. We get to know our students as individual and take genuine and positive interest in their personal and developmental needs. Our students automatically become life-long learner of our distinguished academic community and contribute towards the alleviation of both localised and global crisis (political, economic, social and technological).

We look forward to welcoming you to a dynamic environment where your life-long learning and career development begins. Welcome to P-ACC.

Dr Titus Kehinde Olaniyi PhD, FHEA, MAIAA, MBCS, CITP





“We are currently finalising an affiliation agreement with the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. In addition, we are pursuing other collaboration agreements with education institutions, government parastatals and non-governmental organisations in both the United Kingdom and abroad. Our affiliation/collaboration agreements will include training, consultancy and other pedagogic activities.”

-Dr Titus Kehinde Olaniyi

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