Tuition Fees

PACC Tuition Fees

Power-Age Christian College is proud to be known as the ‘College of Investment in People through Education’. Bursaries, scholarships and other financial assistance may be available to ensure meeting the needs of our diverse students and depict our commitment to providing ‘good and quality education of international standard’.

The following table serves as a guide to our Tuition Fees per annum for the 2010/11 cohort:


Full-Time Tuition Fee 2010/11

Part-Time Tuition Fee 2010/11


Diploma (HND)
















Foundation Course





We take into consideration all the information given on our application form, or produced at an interview, when making a decision about whether to make an offer. This includes your past academic performance, predicted grades, personal statements, tutor's preferences and any other evidence of skills, aptitude and potential.

When we write to you offering you a place, it may be a Conditional Offer. This means that you will be asked to achieve particular grades in certain subjects to secure your place. After you have received your result, if you have not achieved the requested grades, you should contact us as you may still have a place or we may be able to offer you an alternative pathway at the College.



“We are currently finalising an affiliation agreement with the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. In addition, we are pursuing other collaboration agreements with education institutions, government parastatals and non-governmental organisations in both the United Kingdom and abroad. Our affiliation/collaboration agreements will include training, consultancy and other pedagogic activities.”

-Dr Titus Kehinde Olaniyi

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